Using LM Studio with Neo LLM
Updated March 25, 2024

Please Note: Screenshot and file location examples in this tutorial were created using LM Studio version 0.2.17 for Windows. Updated versions and LM Studio for Mac and Linux might appear slightly different.

Asking Questions

On the "AI Chat " page (white voice bubble icon), you should see a text input near the bottom of the center column of the LM Studio interface. In this input, you can type your questions, etc.

Example questions might be "Are blueberries good for my health?" or "What foods are good for cancer prevention?"


After submitting a question, Neo LLM will process your question for a few seconds and type out a response. Your question will be directly above the response (just like a text message or live chat on social media sites).

Note: At any time during the response, you can click the "Stop Generating" button.

Also if you find that reponses to your questions seem to repeat a lot or go on forever, you can increase the "Repeat Penalty" number to 2.0 instead of 1.1 (under Settings/Advanced Configuration/Inference Parameters).

You can also click the "Regenerate" button if you want Neo LLM to answer the same question again but with a different response.

Creating/Managing Chats

In the Chat Sidebar, you'll see your current chat. Using the icons, you can get chat info, rename and delete chats.

You can also click the "+ New Chat" button to create a new chat.

Using multiple chats is a good way to keep responses to certain questions/topics separated.

That's it. Those are the basics for using Neo LLM with LM Studio.