Using Beginner's self-executing version
Updated April 5, 2024

Please Note: Filenames and screenshot examples in this tutorial were created using Windows. Mac and Linux might appear slightly different.

Step 1: Download the App

From the download page on, download and save the Neo standalone app zip file to your computer.

Once downloaded, unzip the file to your computer. The filename will be something like "Neo-Phi-2-Epoch-2.exe" along with some other text files.

Step 2: Run the App

Double click the .exe file you downloaded and unzipped in the previous step.

The first time you launch the app, you might see a security warning. Click "Allow".

When the app first launches, you'll see a command prompt window starting the app. When the command prompt is finished, it will open a new page in your computer's internet browser (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc).

IMPORTANT: You must leave this command prompt window open. Do not close it. This is where the AI engine is running. If you accidentally close the command prompt, close your browser and restart the app.

Step 3: Using the App

Once your browser has opened, you should see at the top of the page some configuration settings (Prompt, User name, Bot name, etc). You can ignore these settings and scroll down the page where you'll see a text input field that says "Say something...". This is where you'll ask your questions.

For example: "Are blueberries healthy?"

After typing your question, press the enter key on your keyboard or the "Send" button.

Neo will process your question and type out a response.

After your sending your first question, the configuration settings at the top will be hidden. If you want to see these settings again, click the "Reset" Button. This will also clear any previous questions and responses.

Note: At any time during the response, you can click the "Stop" button.

To close the app, just close both your browser window and the command prompt window.

That's it. It's that simple. Thank you for downloading and using Neo LLM.