"Neo" LLMs are trained on copyrighted content under Fair Use protections that provide a legal defense against copyright infringement claims if the resulting work meets a number of conditions. Neo meets and exceeds all the necessary conditions. No work upon which Neo is trained is copied or archived in the Neo model. Source material used for training Neo merely influences Neo's parameters that describe relationships between existing tokens (words). It is impossible for a user to reproduce a book, article or transcript from Neo, even if Neo was trained on that original source material. Neo learns from a source book in the same way that a human being might learn from the source book. The book influences the reader's knowledge and may alter the reader's explanation of the subjects covered in the book. This is the point of publishing books, to influence the understanding and knowledge of humanity. Neo is never trained on secret, classified or private documents. Only open source material that is intended to be consumed by the public (videos, articles, books, etc.) is used for training Neo. If you are an author or content creator and you do not wish for Neo to read your content, then do not publish your content in a form that is readily accessible by the public. Neo is not trained on NY Times articles because the NY Times is not credible. The training material for Neo is chosen for its authenticity in reflecting reality, not intelligence community propaganda pushed through the fake news media.